Film Yes - we are!Catholicism, Kaczynski and homophobia. These are the most common themes associated with the word ‘Poland’. If you then start to talk about homophobia in Poland, you usually talk about gay men. This film offers a new perspective. It is the first documentary which focuses on lesbians and women in Poland who don’t fit within the hetero normative matrix. What are their strategies for surviving in a homophobic society? How do their everyday lives look? The variety of feelings and analyses of the interviewees allow a deeper look into the political atmosphere and struggles within Poland’s fast changing society. This documentary reveals an often hidden subculture as it emerges to the surface.

Trailer for the documentary project, „Yes – we are!“ of filmmaker Magda Wystube.
A film about the situation of lesbians in Poland. The project itself is funded mainly – Donations are welcome! Contact:
PREMIERE: 05.15.2011 in Berlin, then tour through Germany, Switzerland, Italy.