In Secret Years, Hungarian lesbians reflect on their experiences living through the years of Communism. Ranging in age from 45 to 70 years old, these women vividly remember the repression of the 1960s and 70s, when they were forced to hide their true identities and could only “be themselves” at secret clubs and picnics. In this powerful documentary, these courageous women proudly reminisce at the methods used to get through some of the toughest times of their lives.

Hungary, documentary, 2009, 90 min
In Hungarian with English and German subtitles

Director: Mariá Takács
Producer: János Vészi
Production Company: Fórum Film Alapitvány
Camera: Klára Trencsényl
Editor: Éva Palotai HSE
Sound: Jozsef Pótári, Péter Almásy
Research Collaborator: Katrin Kremmler
Reporter: Gyöngyi Schwarcz
Cast: Mária Bán, Csilla Biró, Ilona Gál, Agáta Gordon

Director: Mariá Takács
Whether as cinematographer for A Village Romance: Lesbian Love (2006), as a reporter for the 2007 documentary The Chance, or as director for Eklektika Dance School (2005), The Bandage, Socks and Facial Hair (2006), and Secret Years (2009), Mariá Takács puts everything she has into creating a strong and powerful film.

Appetite for Change, 2007
The Bandage, Socks and Facial Hair, 2006
Eklektika Dance School, 2005
Whole Orange, 2005

Eltitkolt évek trailer / Secret years trailer